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Sign in through Steam to save keys and more!

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How does it work?

Simply visit Here and enter your spare game key as well as where it can be redeemed at and click Create.
And how you share your key link is up to you.

Why are my keys not saved?

Make sure you are signed in through Steam. After you are signed in, you can add a key either on the front page, or in your Account section. If you do not sign in with Steam to add a key, the key will not be tied to your account!

Keys confuse me!

It's really easy. If you have a Steam key, simply paste the Steam key into the Key box.
If you have a HumbleBundle gift link, copy everything after gift?key= and paste it in the Key box.
It's ok, keys confuse me too.

How do I redeem a key?

Take a look over Here for detailed instructions on how to redeem keys.

How are my keys safe?

Security is a big issue. Especially when it deals with something you have purchased. And no one wants bad security.
Our system utilizes the latest in crypting technology to encrypt your keys and passwords.
Not only do we use this method once, but we use it a total of four times to encrypt your
keys so it is impossible for anyone to steal your keys without you giving your link out.
Not even we can view your key. So double check it before you submit it.

Someone scammed me!

If you feel that you may have been victim to someone scamming you using this website, please go Here and contact me. Please include the full url they gave you.

Things seem broken.

Yeah, some times things will break. We are in a 'beta' state.
Everything is constantly being worked on and re-worked on. I do apologize.

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